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BL-410S Balance Setra BL-410S (410 x 0.001 g)

The BL Series of single range laboratory balances offers very high readability. The six 130button keyboard affords great flexibility by allowing a choice of several weighing modes. In addition to units such as grams, ounces and carats, each BL precision balance can display weight as a percent for use in check weighing and as grams per second to monitor flow rates.
A user defined unit can be programmed for any unit of measure, such as ml for measuring volume and $ for measuring value. Each precision balance has a mode key that may be used to select either a fast or slow display update rate. This key will also lock in a displayed weight, a feature useful in continuous weighing applications. The print key may be set to transmit data instantaneously, continuously, or at selected time intervals.
All precision balances employ our patented, award-winning sensing technology - variable capacitance. This technology requires few parts allowing the laboratory balances to maintain a low profile and remain structurally streamlined both inside and out, providing you with better reliability at a lower price.
Each laboratory balance is covered by a no-nonsense three year warranty that includes replacement parts and labor.

Part Number: Now Model HI 410S

Price: $ 1290.00
MAP Price: $ 895.00

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    Capacity (g)


    Readability (g)


    Repeatability (< g)


    Linearity ( g)



    Six Key

    Pan Size (in dia)


    Size (w x h x d in)


    Weighing Modes

    g, oz, ct, %, user unit, user unit/sec.


    Bidirectional RS-232

    LED Display (in)



    7.2 VDC (120 VAC, 60 Hz adapter provided)