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Practum5101 Sartorius Precision Balance

You can't go wrong with the new Practum: a foolproof, exceptionally rugged and reliable lab balance. Practum has everything you need for standard applications. So you pay only for what you really need. You name it, Practum will weigh it - from the smallest samples to the heaviest objects in the analytical range, and from entire chunks of solids to the finest quantities of pastes, powders and liquids, Practum provides incomparable weighing reliability.

Part Number: Practum5101 ( 5100g x 0.1g )

Price: $ 1360.00
MAP Price: $ 952.80

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  • Accurate, consistent readings with excellent repeatability based on Sartorius quality and technology designed in Germany
  • High reliability and durability provided by mechanical overload protection
  • Supervisor lock for preventing unintentional changes to the setup settings
  • Plug & Work technology with Sartorius standard lab printer YDP40

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