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MSA225s-100-DI Sartorius Cubis Semi-micro

Universal balances often only offer limited options to adapt them to special workflows in laboratories. Therefore, standard operating procedures (SOPs) must frequently be adapted to the existing functionalities of laboratory balances.

This does not apply to Sartorius Cubis© : they are the first laboratory balances that you can integrate into your individual workflows, as well as adapt to your weighing containers and the conditions at your workplace by using accessories and mechanical extensions.

Part Number: MSA225s-100-DI (220g x 0.01 mg )

Price: $ 16950.00
Special Price: $ 11450.00

For more info:MSA225s-100-DI PDF
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  • isoCAL, a fully automatic calibration/adjustment function
  • glass draft shield with automatic doors with intelligent learning capability
  • Comes standard with Q-Level, automatic motorized leveling function
  • Integrated ionizer to quickly dissipate electrostatic charges

Weighing Capacity (g)


Readability (mg)


Repeatability (mg)


Linearity (mg)


Response time, average (sec)


Pan size (mm)

85 x 85